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Mason Armand


Experimental Game Jams view

A website where users can upload experimental games. view

Website where I post all of my electronic (and sometimes piano) compositions.

Scarbyte view

Personal website for showcasing my various hobbies including programming and photography. Mostly centered around game development.

illusynth view

Website showcasing my experimental digital art.


NoteWM view

Simple X11 floating window manager. Written in C using Xlib.

Illuscribe view

A tool to present slideshows from plaintext files. Parses a custom markup language I created for making simple slideshows. Written in C and uses Xlib for rendering.

txt2web view

A simple static site generator for creating blogs. Written in C.

tuxdoc view

A lua documentation generator for my game 'tuxmino'. Generates lua documentation from C source files.

Karplus-Strong Synth view

Audio playback and waveform visualization of the Karplus Strong algorithm.

boids2d-rs view

2d Boids flocking simulation written in rust. This was my first rust project.


Tuxmino view

A free open source falling block puzzle game with support for custom lua gamemodes. Written in C.

Gupta view

Experimental roguelike game with chess-based movement. Written in C.

Cat's Cradle view

The cat follows your mouse, make loops around mice with your tail in order to trap them! Made in one day for

dungeon-game view

Oldschool style dungeon crawler experiment. Not really a game in its current state.